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What we have to offer you is:

Comprehensive inspection reports including digital pictures of issues found
Reports available the same day
Over 33 year's construction experience.
Professional Inspector TREC Texas License # 8253
Texas Builder Remodeler TRCC Texas License # 13850
Certified Pool Inspector NSPF # 77248242
FREE Sprinkler Inspection
FREE Home Security Inspection Available

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Although the process is very exciting it can quickly become very time consuming and overwhelming. While the home you have selected may appear to be just what you're looking for, there can be potentially serious unknown issues which can make your investment a costly one. Having your new home professionally inspected by Sapphire Inspections can save you the cost of the repairs for the unknown defects which you may be able to have the seller or builder cover.

We thoroughly inspect all major components of your "Gem" to expose any unknown issues. We also advise you about future maintenance which you may need to do to your home once the purchase is complete. We will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Your lender, insurance, appraiser and home warranty company may have questions on the condition of the inspected property. Professionally documented reports eliminate delays in the real estate process.

Why Sapphire Inspection?

We constantly monitor for any changes or new technologies in construction practices. We consistently update our education and invest in new diagnostic tools for non-invasive analysis. After your inspection, we offer free consultations through email or telephone to make sure all of your questions are answered.

To Schedule an Inspection:

Please click on "Schedule Appointment" or call 713 973 2891. We should be able to schedule an appointment according to your availability. We recommend that the future homeowner be present during the last hour of the inspection. This allows us to walk the new Owners through the digital picture review and answer any immediate concerns they may have. We will then finalize the report and have a copy available for you within 24 hours.

My Promise to You: "I will do my best to be the best" Upon delivery of my inspection report to you, if you feel that you did not receive a thorough and comprehensive report, just ask and I will give you a refund. By the same, though, if you feel I did give you your money's worth and more, please refer my service to your friends and relatives.

Sincerely Jay Etheredge

We provide home inspection services throughout The Greater Houston Area.

To Request a Home Inspection Call 713 973 2891

Inspection Techniques:

Sapphire Inspection conducts thorough non-evasive inspections on the visible and readily accessible systems and components of the property. When necessary, we use very sensitive carbon monoxide detectors for checking combustion in your furnace, gas leak detectors to check for leaks, moisture meters to determine under floor or behind wall moisture problems, digital amp and volt meters to diagnose electrical problems, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) testers to test ground fault safety. Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) provide fire protection by opening the circuit if an arcing fault is detected. We use digital laser thermometers to check the efficiency of HVAC system, as well as various other non-invasive tools for our inspections.

We work with a digital camera, allowing us to show you images, at the end of the inspection, of the locations that are difficult or unsafe for you to follow, such as the roof, attic or crawlspace. Using the photos, and notes taken during the inspection, we produce a professional, narrative report, which is specific to your new "Gem".

The report clearly describes the results of the inspection, including the condition of the following systems:

Systems Covered:

Structural Systems

• Foundation

• Grading & Drainage

• Roof Covering

• Roof Structure & Attic

• Walls (Interior & Exterior)

• Ceilings & Floors

• Doors (Interior & Exterior)

• Windows

• Fireplace/Chimney

• Porches, Decks and Carports (attached)

Electrical Systems

• Service Entrance and Panels

• Branch Circuits

• Plugs

• Switches

HVAC Systems

• Heating Equipment

• Cooling Equipment

• Ducts and Vents

Plumbing Systems

• Water Supply System and Fixtures

• Drains

• Wastes

• Vents

• Water Heating Equipment

• Hydro-Therapy Equipment


• Dishwasher

• Food Waste Disposer

• Range Hood

• Ranges/Ovens

• Cook top

• Microwave

• Trash Compactor

• Bathroom Exhaust Fans

• Heaters

• Whole House Vacuum Systems

• Garage Door Openers

• Door Bell and Chimes

• Other Built-in Appliances

Optional Systems (Add-on Service with an additional charge)

• Lawn Sprinklers

• Swimming Pools and Equipment

• Spas and Equipment

• Outbuildings

• Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Additional Inspections (Fees are based on size of property to inspected)

Due to the health and safety issues associated with these systems they should be inspected by a properly licensed person in their respective field.

Sapphire Inspections can arrange licensed professionals to perform these inspections for you.

• Gas Lines

• Fire Protection Equipment

• Water Wells

• Septic Systems

• Security Systems

• Wood Destroying Insects, WDI, (includes termites)

When Do I Get My Report?

Sapphire Inspection has the capability to produce detailed computer generated narrative reports within 24 hours of the conclusion of the inspection. This will allow us the time to verify all the data collected during the inspection and to analyse the pictures and data to make sure there is nothing that was omitted during the initial inspection. The picture walk through we do with you at the end of the inspection allows you and your realtor the opportunity to proceed with further negotiations with the seller, and if necessary to correct any issues that may have turned up during the inspection. Clients can also retrieve their inspection report or copies of their report from anywhere or at anytime with web browser capability.


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